About the Studio..

studioEstablished in 2004, Muze Designs has developed into a multidisciplinary digital design studio, focused on architectural presentation and design. An independently owned and operated business run by digital designer Chrissy Avramidis, Muze Designs prides itself of the uncompromising focus it gives to design quality and perfection. With work ranging from CAD Documentation, 3D Modelling, illustrations, the one-on-one interaction that Chrissy Avramidis offers is essential to achieving a personalised and individualised solution to optimally showcase your work to clients or to councils, illustrating the full potential of your designs and allowing them to see your buildings, virtually, with their own eyes.


About the Designer..

imageThe designer behind Muze Designs is Chrissy Avramidis. Chrissy has been interested in visual arts from a young age, majoring in painting at school. But her passion for all-things-creative came to fruition in her tertiary education, finishing as the head graduate of the bachelor of design (computing) at the University of Sydney. Her studies across these years fashioned a natural progression from art to design and her degree allowed her to explore the intersecting areas of design, computer science and cognitive science. Now, specialising in architectural documentation, 3D modelling + illustration, Chrissy has developed into a perfectionist who pays strong attention to detail which, is critical in this industry. She prides herself on seeing things through from concept through to creation, under pressure at the highest level of quality attainable.


Latest News..

imageNow in 2012 Chrissy Avramidis devoted more than ever to the Architecure Industry taking pride in her Design Development Documentation and 3D Modelling skills. Dedicated to growth and encouraged by challenges the future of Computer Aided Design and Digital Architecture is an exciting prospect to be involved in.